The beating of the heart united with the tireless energy of being a child, translated into music. Finding beauty in the unknown. Working towards something you can not see, but you can feel. This is what Sam and Mo, aka BEATKIND stand for. Telling visceral stories through the tools that electronic music has put into their hands. Frameless Techno - A freedom - self defined and bravely crafted into a language that can be understood by everyone.

Surrounded by books in a Cologne library, Sam met Mo for the first time. Out of silence, a baby was born by the name of BEATKIND. From the cradle it would only speak one language: Frameless Techno, powered by a collective fifteen years of music experience.

After working together for almost a year, Sam and Mo decided that it was time to make space for the music they were producing, not only inside, but also in real life. They rented a studio in the south of Cologne and began their dream. And then, one day in October, it was time to go online. Sam and Mo hoped to reach a larger audience with their music. As BEATKIND, they wanted to experience the feeling of being experienced. They began uploading their own tracks, and their first releases shortly followed. This armed them with feeling that other people understood the story they were trying to tell, and provided a reason to keep going.

Many late hours spent in the studio has allowed BEATKIND to grow their craft and to create their sound, Frameless Techno, focused on building bridges instead of walls. In addition to residencies at Odonien and Heinz Gaul in Cologne, BEATKIND is also a part of the popular open air festival Pollerwiesen. After their gig in IBIZA this past august, they took the inspiration they found back to Germany, and filled the studio with new ideas. There are so many reasons to be excited about what is coming next, new sounds arisen from curiosity and driven by dedication. This is BEATKIND.
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