Victor Santana

Victor Santana has hard-earned being one of the most important artists in the electronic underground culture in and outside Spain. Part of this merit is due to the thorough and artisan work done within his label Chaval Records. Root techno, with one foot in the very beginning of the Detroit movement, and the other one in the
new updates of this genre, Chaval Records has managed to carve a place in artist?s cases such as Robert Hood, Los Hermanos, Vince Watso and Mike Banks among others?

The same way he does within Chaval Records, where Santana bets for physical formats rather than digital ones, his live performances, in all its sorts, escapes from software and digital controls and prefers the use of hardware and classic circuitry. His influences go from jazz and the classic black soul to Reggae, House and of
course ?Made in Detroit? Techno with a certain aroma to the first gleams from the German underground movement.

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